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Skillzminer will...

Identify Skills

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Unlock Talent

Understand and Assess

Use our AI to
find your skills

People don't always know their true talent or understand how their skills can be transferable.

Our advanced AI system helps identify those hidden abilities through a conversational process and our revolutionary analytics determines the next best thing for an individual, whether that's an intervention, additional training, or the perfect new job opportunity.

If you're trying to place people in work, learn more about the existing talent in your organisation, or looking for the perfect candidate for a position, then Skillzminer should be your system of choice. 


"This presents a socially and economically important market opportunity for a technology that permits relevant and engaging intervention with jobseekers, nudging them into more valuable skills and behavioural change."

Match Opportunities

The Best Chance
of Finding the Right Job

Our unique AI and data analytics system is used to place thousands of people into the perfect role for them based on their set of skills. 

We help find the best candidate in the best way, even being able to identify future opportunies for development.

We profile individuals looking for career progression and match them against jobs within your business, or as an employability provider, from the pool of positions you have available.   


"A successful technology that was popular and widely adopted could have a wide and positive impact on the UK economy by creating tighter and more direct connections between existing and required skill sets on the one hand and employer and economic needs on the other."

Upskill and Unlock

We'll Discover
latent talent in your business

If you are restructuring or developing your business we can help determine the transferable skills and the hidden talent in your staff - that even they might not know about themselves.

With a better view on the skills needed for today and tomorrow, our system will enable you to enhance the skillset of your existing staff, allow you to redeploy or develop their positions, and create an efficient businesss with the right people in the right roles. 

Our AI will help and user at any stage of their career and development.

Reasons for choosing us

Why Skillzminer?

We work with employment agencies, businesses, and the government, to place more people into more suitable jobs, develop existing staff capabilities, and unlock hidden talent.

The Skillzminer technology we have built improves business efficiency, productivity and economic development.  It identifies the economic conditions for unlocking socially inclusive growth. 

The rate at which business is growing with technology, you need to stay in the game - and know what skills you need in order to develop and thrive now, and for the future.

This is the only system of its kind, using AI based on behavioural science - and the technology behind the AI and analytics is industry-leading.

We have thousands of jobs, matched to thousands of people, and the capability to help you develop your business through better understanding and deployment of exisiting skills in your workforce.




For Agencies

Employment agencies use our service to better match candidates to available roles - improving their profitability through a more efficient system with a better success rate.


For Businesses

Businesses wanting to grow or needing to restructure, use our service to identify alternate roles for current staff, or to gain more insight into their employees and what latent skills exist untapped in their organisation.


For Government

Government departments and employability projects benefit from the enhanced AI and data analysis for improved success rates in placing out of work people into jobs most suited to their abilities.

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